The summer is full of greatness

Instant 60, Green Equipment, All spells, Bags, All flight paths, and Blizzlike endgame content.

What is Multiboxwow?

Multiboxwow is a high rate vanilla server where you can easily get into endgame content and challenge yourself all the way up to Naxxramas. With all raids being near Blizzlike apart from trash mobs being easier to clear and removed respawn times (Focused on Boss practice). Multiboxwow has been a running server since December 1st 2018 and has been proven stable for the past half a year.

During the summer of 2019 we'll give away Instant 60, Green starter gear and some bags to any new players/multiboxer. Jump right into Dungeons/Endgame today! You can find the recruitment officers at any starting area or the Portal locations of Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

You can register at You can visit the website to learn Multiboxing and join in on the challenge.

Check out this youtube video for a full walkthrough of how to get started:

Server Progression:

- Patch 1.12.1 all content available.

Server style

- PVP Ruleset

- Blizzlike endgame content with minor convenient changes

- Multiboxing allowed

Server Rates:

- Reputation 4x

- Gather skill levels 4x

- Crafting skill levels 4x

- EXP 1-6x

- 7 days auction timers

- Double loot from all dungeon and raid bosses

Server Features:

- Dual Talent Specialization at 25 gold ( Switchable by command in-game )

- Quests can be completed in a raid group

- Always max defense/weapon skills

- All flights paths unlocked by default

- Auction house bot (Materials)

- Reduced ranking point requirements for PVP

- No EXP penalty while in a raid group

- No respawn of trash in dungeons/raids

- No gold for spells

- No durability loss on items

- No respec costs for talents

- Disabled Onyxia attunement

- Disabled Molten Core attunement

- Disabled Blackwing lair attunement

- PVP Ruleset multi-boxer/solo players, anybody.

- All Raid Bosses Blizzlike and challenging.

- Removed trash respawn from any dungeon/raid

- Reduced HP/Damage on trash in spesific content


Financially the server will be supported by a cash shop featuring things such as flasks and vanity items. Also, Youtuber | 40-Multiboxer Furyswipes will ensure this realm can run for at least 2 years under his co-partnership with me. This means It'll stay while Classic is live.

Join today, Raid today, PVP today

Multiboxwow is not just for Multiboxers you can jump right into the game with your friends, guild and get right into quality Dungeons and Raids.

Join the challenge up to Naxxramas.