All races now have a helpful NPC near their creation spot. Speak to him and you can get instant level 60, AND a starting set of really crappy green gear plenty good enough for dungeon running.

He will also train you in all of your spells (if you are level 60) and even your annoying class spells, so that you can jump right into the amazing world of multiboxing.

Now, none of this wonderful stuff works on the coming Classic Wow. You can only experience TRUE VANILLA POWER on these old private vanilla servers--so why not compare?

Go to 5minutemultiboxing.com to get everything you need to start multiboxing 40 accounts today! Your computer is much more powerful than you probably know, and most users have no problem running 20 accounts on one PC.

OR, just jump on an single-box and let the 2006 nostalgia rush over you.